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How to add an emoji on a Mac2020-10-24T13:36:43-04:00

If you’re using a Mac and want to add an emoji in the chat box during a virtual event, here’s an easy way to find emojis:

  1. Click inside the chat box during the event. Position your cursor where you’d like to add an emoji.
  2. Press Command + Control + Space.
  3. Choose your emoji from the list.
  4. Click to add the emoji to your text.

That’s it – easy!

Tip: This works for any place where you can type on a Mac.

I’m a Mac/iOS user – can I access the event?2020-10-24T09:40:35-04:00

Yes! The Safari browser is incompatible with the live event, however, so to join the event, you will need to join via the “Join via Zoom App” button on the Event page.

Here are detailed instructions if you are using a Mac or iOS operating system:

Option 1: If you are using a Mac device and you have never used Zoom before (Zoom is NOT installed on your device):

  1. Click on Join via App
  2. Zoom.pkg will download
  3. Click show downloads
  4. install Zoom.pkg
  5. Welcome to the Zoom installer window, click “Continue”
  6. Select a destination > Choose “Install for all users of this computer” or INstall for me only
  7. Click “install”
  8. Enter your password (prompt)
  9. CLose the “installation was successful” window
  10. Go back to Safari window and click on “Launch Meeting” blue button
  11. Enter your name in the Enter your name window and click “Join”
Option 2: If you are using a Mac device and you HAVE used Zoom before (Zoom IS installed on your device):

  1. Click on Join via App
  2. Click on “Launch Meeting” blue button
  3. Enter your name in the Enter your name window and click “Join”
Can I chat during the event with another attendee?2020-10-23T17:43:06-04:00

Yes! During the live event, you can use the chat function that is available to chat with “Everyone” or to chat “privately” with a specific attendee.

Please note that the chat function is only available during the October 24, 2020 events.

To chat:

  1. To access the chat box, click on “Chat” at the bottom of the main event window. The chat box will the appear to the right of the main event window.
  2. In the chat box, click “Everyone.” This will open a menu of all participants currently in the virtual venue. Scroll down to see the entire list.
  3. To chat with everyone: Select or make sure “Everyone” is selected from the “To” list.
  4. To chat (privately) with an individual: Click the name of participant from the “To” list with whom you want to chat. Their name will replace “Everyone” in the box above the chat box.
  5. Click into the chat area and enter your message into the chat box.
  6. Press enter (on your keyboard) to send. Your chat will only be seen by the recipient.
What happens if I win a Silent Auction item?2020-10-23T17:32:32-04:00
  1. Notification: Upon winning a Silent Auction auction item, you will receive an email notification. The auction item will also be added to your shopping cart.
  2. You can access your cart by clicking the cart icon on any silent auction item page or the “Auctions” page under “My Account.”
  3. Payment: Click “Proceed to checkout” at the bottom of the Cart page, enter and confirm your billing details, and press “Place order.”
How can I track my Silent Auction items?2020-10-23T17:13:47-04:00
  • If you would like to see bidding activity on items of interest for the Silent Auction, click “Add to watchlist!” located above the bid box on the item detail page.
  • My Account: Keep track of your watchlist items by clicking “My Account” in the top navigation bar, “Auctions” in the drop-down menu, then “Watchlist” on the auctions page.
What notifications will I get for Silent Auction items?2020-10-23T17:11:54-04:00
  • Email: You will receive an email with the message, “You recently placed a bid on Maine Press Association Virtual Venue,” along with details about the bid and item.
  • Auction item photo: “Winning!” will appear on the picture of the item in the Silent Auction menu. “Outbid” will replace “Winning!” if you have been outbid by another bidder.
  • My Account: Keep track of your auction item activity by clicking “My Account” in the top navigation bar, then “Auctions” in the drop-down menu.
How do I bid on a Silent Auction item?2020-10-23T17:09:33-04:00
  1. From the Silent Auction items page, click the item’s picture or name to view details.
  2. Enter your bid amount.
  3. Press the “Custom Bid” button to submit your bid.
  4. The message, “Do you really want to bid [amount]?” will appear in a popup window.
  5. Press “OK.”
How do I find Silent Auction items?2020-10-23T17:07:27-04:00

If you have registered for the event and are logged in, from the top menu anywhere on the event site, click on “Auctions”, then “Silent Auction Items”.

You can also click here to see the Silent Auction items.

Please note you can only view the Silent Auction items if you are registered for the event and logged in.

When does the Silent Auction open and close?2020-10-23T17:02:48-04:00

The Silent Auction is open now, and will close at 9:00 pm EST, Saturday October 24, 2020.

You will no longer be able to bid on Silent Auction items after that time, so please make sure you bid before the auction closes.

How do I pay for a Live Auction item?2020-10-23T17:00:20-04:00

Auction winners will be emailed an invoice for their winning item.

How to Bid on a Live Auction item2020-10-23T16:54:31-04:00

On the day of the Live Auction, you will see a link in the top menu that takes to you to the Live Auction event.

The auctioneer will be live on-screen, conducting the auction as she would in a typical, on-ground auction.

  1. When the auctioneer says a dollar amount you would like to bid, enter that amount into the chat box (make sure you are chatting to “everyone”) and press Enter.
  2. If you are the first to enter the amount, the auctioneer will recognize you and the amount you bid.
  3. If you are not recognized for your bid, you may bid on the next amount called by the auctioneer.
  4. The process is repeated until the auction is won.
How can I preview Live Auction Items?2020-10-23T16:51:18-04:00

Live Auctions happen quickly, so click here to see photos and details about the items up for sale before the Live Auction begins.

When does the Live Auction start?2020-10-23T16:17:17-04:00

The Live Auction will start at approximately 4:05 p.m. EST on Saturday, October 24, 2020.

We recommend you register, log in, and join the event a few minutes before the start time, so you’re ready to bid!

How to Bid on a Silent Auction Item2020-10-23T16:57:34-04:00
  1. Click on “Auctions > Silent Auction Items” in the top navigation menu to see all the Silent Auction items available.
  2. Click on the item you are interested in for more information.
  3. Enter a bid amount.
  4. Click on “Custom Bid” to submit your bid.
  5. You will see a confirmation message “Your Bid has been placed successfully for [Item]!” at the top of the page.
  6. Your bid has been successfully entered and timestamped and you will be notified by email if you are the winner.
How to Register for the 2020 Fall Conference2020-10-01T04:46:34-04:00
  1. Click on “Register Now” on the top navigation menu.
  2. Click on “Buy Now” on the checkout page.
  3. Enter a Coupon code if you have one.
  4. Enter a Donation amount if you wish.
  5. Click on Proceed to Checkout.
  6. Enter your information and click “Purchase Now”.

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